Whatever your vision, Ultima can help you make it a reality. By utilising emerging technologies to do everything from improving customer experience to increasing operational efficiency, we’ll ensure your business becomes smarter and faster than ever. Find out how automation can help you with our specially designed interactive assessment tool.

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digital transformation

The term “Digital Transformation” has become synonymous with large enterprise businesses and niche digital disruptors who are driving a paradigm shift within their industry group.

However, organisations across the globe, no matter their size, are evaluating and transforming their business models to leverage emerging digital technologies, with the aim of improving customer experience, increasing operational efficiency and reducing the risk of disruption.

We’re here to guide you through the process of making a workplace that’s not only more agile and innovative, but that also delivers great customer experience.

Digital Workforce

Intelligent Automation & Robotic Process Automation

Our Digital Workforce delivers scalable replication of manual processes in any system or application, providing vast improvements in productivity and service - without significant investment, risk or disruption.

Digital Workforce Intelligent Automation

Digital Workforce Process Selection Workshop

Our Process Selection Service demonstrates how the operational efficiency and business agility of your organisation can be improved with the automation of various processes.


Robotic Process Automation: Webinar Recording

Hosted by IA & RPA specialist, Amyn Jaffer, watch to understand how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) are impacting new technologies such as workforce automation.

Digital Workforce Intelligent Automation

Digital Workforce Proof of Value

Our Proof of Value demonstrates the value of intelligent Robotic Process Automation within your organisation by reducing tedious and repetitive tasks, enabling users to be more productive. This is achieved through the automation of a production process within your environment.

Optimising IT infrastructure with Intelligent Automation

In this third article in the series, we welcome Cisco's Rachel Henley to explore how, when it comes to IT infrastructure, the rules are being re-written by digital disruption. Gone are the days when you can install and walk away, safe in the knowledge that your trusty network will support the requirements of your business until the next network refresh. You need intelligent automation.

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Transformation - how to do it

With companies everywhere placing a growing emphasis on IT-driven transformation, it’s becoming increasingly clear that certain practices need to be embraced to ensure its full effects are felt, and businesses can focus on what matters most. Discover all you need to know about implementing the digital transformation process in the second article in our series.

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Two-thirds of UK businesses will embrace
automisation in the next few years.


Pioneering transformation in the workplace

More than two-thirds of UK organisations are planning to automate key parts of their business process in the next few years, so their staff can spend more time on strategic, higher value tasks. Discover more interesting insights from our independent research of over 500 mid-market UK enterprises, and decide if you want to explore the possibilities of RPA for yourself.

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