Digital transformation is changing the way in which the world operates. Disrupting every industry and breaking down the traditional barriers between people, businesses and things, it’s helping to create new products and services, and inspiring better ways of working.

This is happening across organisations of all types, but they all have one thing in common – they’re all using technology to create new customer experiences, improve business models, and promote workforce innovation. To do this, companies need to embrace an outcome driven approach that has technology at its heart. At Ultima, we’re here to help you do just that, ensuring your business becomes faster and smarter.

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The changing face of business


The role of technology in business has changed. It’s no longer just a way to support organisations as they try to reach their goals, now it’s actively enabling them to get there.  


Improve customer experiences:

By providing a seamless omni-channel experience to each customer,
businesses can win increased loyalty while gaining insight that will
help improve products and services. In return, cu
stomers get more
consistent information and receive better experiences.


Empower employees:

Businesses are giving employees the tools they need to be connected,
engaged and mobile. With these capabilities in place, organisations
are not only able to increase employee productivity, but also improve
their ability to attract and retain the best staff.


Increase operational efficiency:

Companies now have the tools to connect to & collect data from an
increasing number of devices. This creates new ways of doing  business &
gives them the ability to improve existing business models, which means
faster time-to-market, leaner operations and greater agility.

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Supporting your digital transformation

To remain relevant and competitive in this rapidly-evolving world, digital transformation is essential. We’re here to guide you through the process of making a workplace that’s not only more agile and innovative, but that also delivers great customer experience.


Workforce Transformation

Thanks to leading-edge new tech like virtual workers, you can make sure your organisation remains productive while your employees are able to spend more time on innovative, high-return projects.


Infrastructure Transformation

Boosting your IT capabilities with workspace modernisation & infrastructure upgrades will help you deliver on business goals like reduced costs, improved reliability and increased customer satisfaction. 


Security Transformation

In order to fully benefit from all the new tech available in this interconnected world without opening yourself up to new security risks, you need to ensure your business, and data, is properly protected.

Optimising IT infrastructure with Intelligent Automation

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Two-thirds of UK businesses will embrace automisation in the next few years.


Pioneering transformation in the workplace

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