Managed Services

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Why choose a managed service for your business?

Ultima has been delivering managed services since 1998. Today, we support tens of thousands of users, across a broad cross-section of markets. While each is inherently different - from the demographic and sector, to the technology stack - we leverage our people, processes and technology  to provide a first class service,
acting as a seamless extension of your IT function.


Customers Supported

We deliver 24x7 secure, remote support
services, across a wide range of critical
infrastructure, regardless of its location


End Users Supported

Customers rely on Ultima to be their
single point of contact for their IT
queries, problems and service requests


First Time Fix Rate

Our shared service desk provides users
with a high degree of issue resolution
and information / service requests


Tickets Processed

On average, our first line service desk
team responds to new requests and
incidents every two minutes


Our Vision

"We recognise that placing critical IT services in the custody of a Managed Service Provider is a key decision, one that requires an organisation to
consider reputation, completeness of vision and ability to execute. With the drivers behind right-sourcing affected by everything from market forces,
commercial constraints and skills shortages, to technical debt and the continuing desire for IT to scale faster and become more relevant, it's
important to select a partner who can successfully marry transformational IT services with 24x7 managed and security services."

Geoff Hardwick, Services Director, Ultima

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Our managed services portfolio

Our suite of flexible managed service propositions, provide a foundation for clients looking to outsource aspects of their IT operation. By placing one or more
of these services with Ultima, you benefit from our long-standing investment in people, process and technology, with our ISO 27001 certified technical service centre
providing 24x7 support for a range of technologies, from across our strategic vendors.

iris 2 iris1

IRIS - Token Based Support

IRIS - Mission Critical Support

Designed to provide remote technical investigation, guidance and
advisory services, IRIS provides you with the confidence to take action
with a flexible token-based reactive support service.

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By selecting an IRIS service from Ultima, you can keep pace with change,
safe in the knowledge that your mission critical infrastructure, services,
applications and workloads are fully supported.

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iris3 IRIS4 IRIS5

IRIS - Patch and Compliance

Cortex - Intelligent Service Desk

Stratus - Workforce as a Service

It only takes a crack in your defences to be exploited, before a catastrophic breach can irrevocably damage
your business and its reputation.

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Having delivered service desks since 1998, we
know how to deliver a robust, predictable and
highly performant operation.

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Ultima have partnered with Thoughtonomy to deliver
a Workforce as a Service solution which requires
no infrastructure or application re-architecture.

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Why choose Ultima for your managed services?

" Our approach to delivery has always been to understand your culture and business requirement, in order to identify synergies between our organisations, allowing our teams to help take control of the day-to-day management of the outsourced operation, in accordance with established SLAs. ”

Rob Moorcroft - Managed Services Business Manager - Ultima


Year-round support 24x7

Our Technical Service Centre is a true 24x7 facility, with teams
working in shifts to provide support throughout the day, and
across weekends and public holidays.


Predictable commercial models

We provide a transparent, scalable and outcome-based
commercial model, based on consumption (e.g. users, tickets,
tokens, applications and infrastructure assets).


Your Service, Your Choice

Designed to give you more choice, many of our managed
services are made up of three tiers - Essentials, Advanced
and Ultimate.


Flexible Contracts

Our proposition is designed to be modular and scalable,
allowing you to add and remove infrastructure and services
from the contract throughout the term of the agreement


Leading ITSM Platform

We rely on ServiceNow, a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic
Quadrant for IT Service Management, to power our managed


Advanced Analytics

Our enterprise management tools provide insight across your
infrastructure and workloads, allowing us to take preventative
measures against problems that could affect your estate

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