The promise of the cloud, delivered

Complementary Azure Migration thanks to Ultima’s Autonomous Cloud

release 43% of your cloud budget, to refocus on innovation

The long term cost savings and innovation opportunities that public clouds were meant to deliver never materialised. Despite the hype, the operational pain points
still exist, with security, maintenance and support residing with the customer. To combat these challenges, we have developed an Autonomous Cloud platform, bundling Azure CSP, 24x7 operational tasks and technical enablement activities into a monthly per service subscription fee, so you can focus on innovation and delivering
better business outcomes.

As part of Autonomous Cloud, we've created an Autonomous Migrate add-on, which sets up a new Azure environment incorporating best practice via an orchestration platform, and then migrates your current environment to the new platform.

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Focus on your business outcomes

We know that running a business brings a host of IT challenges. Autonomous Cloud can alleviate these challenges, giving you the time back to focus on innovation and delivering better business outcomes. See how we're solving these challenges with transformative IT below:

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Safeguarding your data

"Over 14M SMBs have suffered a data breach "
Backing up with Autonomous Cloud takes just a few steps and helps prevent downtime, outages, or even breaches from disrupting your business.

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Compliance and Optimisation

"61% of IT leaders say that cost cutting is their top priority"
Autonomous Cloud provides automated documentation on your cloud environment for your compliance and technical needs so you’re balancing cost vs. performance effectively.

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True Cloud COntrol

"35% of cloud expenditure is wasted due to inefficient utilisation"
Autonomous Cloud provides users with self-service portals and dashboards to make using the cloud simple and cost-effective.

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How does Autonomous Cloud Work?

Autonomous Cloud is Ultima’s comprehensive service for managing your Azure cloud solution. Delivered from our Technical Service Centre, Autonomous Cloud provides cutting edge automation, service management practices and business intelligence platforms, supported by our team of highly qualified Azure Support specialists to ensure your Azure environment performance is optimised whilst reducing TCO.

Designed from the ground up by Ultima’s Azure technical team, Autonomous Cloud provides monitoring and proactive analysis of your native Azure services and not just your traditional virtual machines. Combined with advanced ITSM integration, detailed optimisation and documentation services, as well as true automation powering your new and existing resources, Autonomous Cloud is like having your own in-house Azure team enabling you to get the maximum out of your Azure estate.

We've put together a simplified diagram explaining how Autonomous Cloud works: 




Good for your business, good for the planet

The scientific consensus is clear. The world confronts an urgent carbon problem. The carbon in our atmosphere has created a blanket of gas that traps heat and is changing the world’s climate.
Already, the planet’s temperature has risen by 1 degree Celsius. If we don’t curb emissions and temperatures continue to climb, science tells us that the results will be catastrophic.

In partnership with Microsoft, we're working hard to help you lower your carbon emissions and reduce your environmental impact thanks to Autonomous Cloud. 
This is achievable through innovative renewable energy purchasing and a commitment to net zero carbon emissions for operations.


Spend time on the things that matter, we'll take care of the rest

Autonomous Migrate is a component of Autonomous Cloud, which is perfect for small-to-medium sized customers who host their environments on-premises. This add-on sets up a new Azure environment, incorporating best practice via an orchestration platform and then migrates your current environment to the new platform.


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