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About Ultima Labs

As the software innovation arm of Ultima, Ultima Labs has been formed to primarily focus on imagining and creating innovative software solutions which enable customers of any size to adopt automation more easily. IA-Connect has been developed by Ultima Labs to solve some deep-rooted challenges associated with the implementation and scaling of Robotic Process Automation.

The Challenges You're Facing


RPA automation over Citrix or Microsoft RDS using Surface Automation and Computer Vision results in increased complexity during development and automations which are much less robust.

- Image-based automation
- Up to 3 x development time
- Processes are prone to error


Security can be a big concern when using Cloud-based RPA solutions as these typically require VPN access to systems which are located within your perimeter and changes to security configurations.

- VPN to internal sensitive systems
- Access from non-corporate, unmanaged endpoints
- Infosec concerns around data

RPA in
the Cloud

Cloud-based RPA introduces integration complexities when accessing on-premises systems. Connectivity can be complex with VPNs, firewall changes and non-standard policies, taking weeks or months to get up and running.

- Cloud-based Virtual Workers
- Extensive list of onboarding steps
- Requires buy-in from several IT teams



Our Recent Work

Ultima were engaged to undertake a Proof of Concept of IA-Connect for a leading healthcare provider in the United States to complement
their existing implementation of Blue Prism. The purpose of the PoC was to provide them with the confidence that IA-Connect, in combination with
Blue Prism, can effectively and reliably automate EPIC without the need to resort to complex image-based automation.

IA-Connect unlocked the challenges faced and enabled this healthcare organisations to automate core processes which interact with EPIC
to expedite and enhance communication with patients, drive better patient experience and satisfaction, eliminate human error and increase standardisation.
As well as enhancing the patient experience, IA-Connect also helped to reduce cost by eliminating repetitive and transactional tasks.


How IA-Connect Works

IA-Connect integrates directly with platforms such as BluePrism and UiPath to initiate and manage remote session tunnels through Citrix or Microsoft RDS, removing the reliance on image-based technologies and enabling processes to be developed in practically the same way as developing natively.

This enables us not only to eliminate Surface Automation, but also to remove the need for complex infrastructure VPNs by enabling simple and robust automation through standard user Citrix or RDS sessions.



Automating an Application in 4 Simple Steps

To demonstrate how simple it is to integrate IA-Connect into your automations, we've created a flow which enters information into an internal Door
Entry System
application over Citrix:

Applications can be launched directly from within IA-Connect Inspector by pasting in the path and selecting Run Program

Launching door entry.png

Note: The screen on the left is a remote Citrix desktop session. IA- Connect also works with Citrix published applications and Microsoft Remote Desktop

Use IA-Connect Inspector to identify the Username and Password fields, and the OK button. Clicking Show within the Inspector highlights the corresponding fields and buttons


IA-Connect developing the door entry process output - Showing rectangles around login screen



Once you've found the fields, call the relevant IA-Connect action from your Blue Prism process and use the unique field information extracted by IA-Connect Inspector

Entering username and password.png

Note: For example, to input text into the Username field, call the IA- Connect action "Input text into element". To click the OK button, call the IA-Connect action "Press element".

Input Username.PNG

Following the same IA-Connect inspection process for the Add New User screen, create the process as usual in Blue Prism using the information from IA-Connect for the target fields and call the relevant IA-Connect actions as explained in Step 3


As you can see, the automation of the Door Entry System now runs end-to-end through the remote Citrix session and using the standard Blue Prism console

Hear What The Experts Had To Say

"By leveraging Citrix virtual channels, IA-Connect completely eliminates the need for Surface Automation, enabling developers to automate Citrix and RDS based applications in practically the same way they would if the applications were local."   

Josh Noble
Practice Director, Blue Prism

"Ultima being recognised as the top partner in EMEA was measured by their sales, growth, and overall commitment to Citrix. The competition was very tough this year and Ultima stood out from the rest."   

Craig Stilwell
VP, Worldwide Partner Sales at Citrix


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