Security without boundaries

Empower your workforce to work in the way they want, safe in the knowledge that they're completely protected.

Ultimate flexibility and advanced protection in one bundle 

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a complete IT solution that brings together the very best of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security – so now your entire workforce, from firstline workers all the way to boardroom, can work together in more innovative ways, without any risk to security.

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"We use Microsoft 365 Enterprise to foster a modern and highly secure workspace for employees empowered by teamwork and collaboration—everything we need to succeed in a global, digital market."


Safe Meets Secure

It’s all well and good having the world’s most secure operating system, but to truly make the most of it you need the Megatron_Hero_Dancing_Stylusworld’s most secure devices as well. With modern businesses striving to achieve device security, flexibility, mobility, collaboration and management capabilities - while simultaneously eliminating system down time or failure - HP technology has been designed specifically to comprehensively address reliability in all its forms.

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Versatility guaranteed


Unlock creativity

In today's increasingly digital yet disparate world, where everyone has their own individual way of working, it can be difficult to keep your workforce happy and motivated while still ensuring they remain productive. With Microsoft 365 Enterprise you can help your people to do more, achieve more and succeed more. 

  • Work on any device, anywhere
  • Switch devices seamlessly when the task demands
  • Collaborate with customers, partners and colleagues with ease and confidence
  • Anytime, anywhere access to data and applications
  • Build company-wide communities and increase communication

Lockdown data

Enabling a truly agile workforce brings security risks, as well as shadow IT and mobile admin issues. With Microsoft 365 Enterprise you can give your workforce the tools they need to thrive, and still be sure you have every security endpoint covered and control of every single device - owned or personal. 

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Ability to wipe company data from all devices
  • Auto-encryption policies for content
  • Data protected wherever it travels
  • A wide toolset to assist you with GDPR compliance

New technology = new expectations

Just as technology is changing the world around us, it’s also changing the way we work. Businesses are beginning to realise that they must embrace this change, or they’ll quickly be left behind by their competition. But just how can they marry this new technology with the needs of their workforce? Our latest blog takes a look.

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Meet the security challenges of this digital age

As access to new digital services increases, you need to be able to provide your people with integrated tools that simplify collaboration and help them quickly connect with co-workers – without sacrificing security. With Microsoft 365 Enterprise, you can give them what they need, confident every security endpoint is completely covered.

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The Ultima Proposition

As a ‘tier 1’ Microsoft partner, we can take control of all your hardware and software requirements, while our expert presales advice and best-practice guidance ensures you receive a perfectly tailored IT solution.

All this means that you not only get the very best out of Microsoft 365 Enterprise, but you also meet the demands of your business.

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