Reinvent new frontiers with HP

True pioneers need access to cutting-edge technology like HP when the stakes are highest. HP's Device as a Service (DaaS) offering provides smart, simplified computing solutions for today’s world.

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Made for the most critical missions in the universe

HP technology allows visionary thinkers to redefine the current parameters of their field, whether it’s space exploration, medicine, art, entertainment, or even government, forging discoveries and unlocking potential formerly thought impossible.

Leave the performance bottleneck behind. With industry-leading processing, storage, graphics, and system management components HP has engineered a total system approach to define new levels of overall performance. We understand your work is critical and system down time or failure is not an option. HP devices are designed and tested to comprehensively address reliability in all its forms, so you can rest assured your workstation will keep up in the most demanding environments.

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Secure the foundation of your PC with HP solutions that are self-healing, manageable and enforced by the hardware for stronger protection


Industry-leading chipsets from both AMD and Intel deliver maximum results to users and greater choice to IT departments


Be ready for anything with features such as HP Fast Charge and an optional ultra-bright, outdoor-viewable display


Powerful machines are great but they’re only beneficial if they’re secure. To combat this, HP have developed innovative technologies such as Sure Start (protects your PC with hardware-enforced self-healing protection), Sure Run (protects critical applications and processes running at a system level), and Sure View (instantly protects against visual hacking). By building security features in at a hardware level, HP equipment can help prevent a breach by even the most determined hackers.

HP EliteBook x360

HP EliteBook x360

World's thinnest 13" business convertible

With 360° of versatility across five modes, comprehensive security, and up to 16 hours and 30 minutes of battery life, the thin and light HP EliteBook x360 1030 is the perfect PC for highly mobile professionals.

HP Elite x2

HP Elite x2

Free to work, the way you want

Optimised for collaboration and engineered to accelerate the pace of modern business, the HP Elite x2 adapts to your needs providing deep connections from almost anywhere in the world with exceptional PC-level performance.

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We all know we’re being asked to do more than ever before with less. That’s why Ultima can work with you to identify the key profiles of your users, and align the IT equipment with those profiles. That way, everyone gets enough power to do their job without over provisioning users than don’t need it at the expense of those who do.

If capex is an issue, we can also help with options such as HP’s DaaS (Device as a Service) offering. As well as providing the kit you need at a monthly, instead of upfront cost, DaaS utilises predictive analytics to identify when something is about to go wrong, and get a fix sent out before it does. You can even gain insights from the predictive analytics on utilisation, allowing you to identify users who need more powerful equipment (and likewise those who don’t!)

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