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Building the workforce of the future 

With the advancements in technology improving information sharing, mobility and collaboration, the business world is being reshaped faster than at any other time in history.

By augmenting your business with cutting edge technologies like Intelligent Automation and giving employees access to Modern Workspaces, you’ll be able to free up valuable resources to focus on high-return projects. This not only creates happier, more productive workers, but also ensures that you’ll never have to compromise on efficiency again.

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workforce transformation

Workforce automation has traditionally meant replacing existing tools, redesigning processes, and extensive system customisation and integration. So, it’s understandable that many organisations haven’t embraced it. 

Our solution is different. Focusing on giving you more – from your investment, your workforce and your data – it delivers scalable replication of manual processes in any system or application, powering vast improvements in productivity without significant investment, risk or disruption. 


The four P's of workforce transformation



   It’s all about them after all, so enable them to embrace change



Help your people get more done with less



Ensure your people can do anything, anywhere, on any device



Safeguard data and information, wherever your people work

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Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation

In a recent PwC survey, 72% of companies stated that they expected to achieve advanced levels of workforce automation by 2020. This transformation is essential when it comes to keeping organisations competitive, as automated systems can perform repetitive, high-volume tasks quickly and consistently, helping with resource constraints and process optimisation.           

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Modern workspaces for modern workforces

In order to truly transform your workforce, you need to give them a workspace in which they can thrive. But while enabling access and data sharing no matter where your employees are offers enormous performance benefits, it also needs careful management to ensure security and user experience are maintained.

At Ultima, we’ll help you create a contemporary, collaborative and highly secure space that embraces modern working practices – empowering staff and promoting productivity.

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Pioneering transformation in the workplace

More than two-thirds of UK organisations are planning to automate key parts of their business process in the next few years, so their staff can spend more time on strategic, higher value tasks. Discover more interesting insights from our independent research of over 500 mid-market UK enterprises, and decide if you want to explore the possibilities of RPA for yourself.

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Proving the value of a digital workforce

Our Proof of Value demonstrates exactly how intelligent Robotic Process Automation reduces tedious and repetitive tasks, and enables users to be more productive. This is achieved through the automation of a production process within your business.

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Meet our infrastructure transformation partner

Infrastructure transformation is a key aspect in the successful transformation of your workforce. So, we’ve partnered with Cisco to bring you their ground-breaking portfolio of innovative products. Coupling significant R&D investment with flexible deployment options, whatever your needs, together we can meet them.

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