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As digital transformation becomes increasingly important, businesses are facing a growing need for networks that can not only meet these demands but are also capable of evolving to meet whatever the future may hold. 

To make sure you successfully meet this challenge, we’ve partnered with Cisco to utilise their Digital Network Architecture (DNA) offering. A software–driven architectural model, it supports your business’s digital transformation with innovative solutions like their DNA Center, Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) and the new Catalyst 9000 series of enterprise LAN switches.

Discover exactly what DNA can offer your organisation.

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The next evolution of intent-based networks

A complete software-based network automation and assurance solution, Cisco’s DNA Center is a platform that makes intent-based networking a reality. It provides an easy-to-use overview of network health, aids deployment in remote branches and delivers an unbeatable experience, all while monitoring and optimising your network.

Find out what the DNA Center can do for your business.

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Get access to a whole world of new possibilities

An innovation derived from the intent-based model, SD-Access provides end-to-end segmentation to keep user, device and application traffic separate, all without having to redesign your network. By utilising machine learning and Cisco's DNA framework, it also allows you to simplify the on-boarding process, and automate access policies for users, devices and applications.

Learn all about SD-Access and just what it can do.

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Switch things up with the Catalyst 9000 series

The next generation of Cisco’s best-selling line of enterprise LAN switches, the Catalyst 9000 series has been designed specifically for intent-based networking. With all of the advanced capabilities you’ve come to expect from Cisco, they not only recognise your intentions, but also learn and adapt, meaning they get more efficient and more secure over time.

Explore the Cisco Catalyst 9000 series and everything it has to offer.

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Ultima and cisco

As a preferred Cisco partner, we’re in the perfect position to help with the selection, deployment and management
of your infrastructure, applications and tools. We can also provide your team with all the training and information needed to
ensure your business gets the most out of the Catalyst 9000 series.

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