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An Ultima Managed Service

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Why Patch?

It only takes a crack in your defences to be exploited, before a catastrophic breach can irrevocably damage your business and its reputation. Furthermore,
by not keeping your applications and operating systems up to date, stability, performance and on-going supportability can be adversely affected. 

Our managed patch service IRIS, overcomes the limitations of patch Tuesday and the challenges presented by diverse IT environments.


Average data breach cost

With a 27.7% likelihood of a recurring
material data breach within the next
two years - Ponemon Institutes


Records stolen in 2018

Collection #1 included over 2.7 billion unique
email addresses and passwords, posted on
the dark web in January 2019 - Ponemon Institutes


of organisations

Have experienced at least one cyber
attack on key, operational technology
in the past 12 months - Cisco

Key Benefits

onsa Fully Automated = Risk Mitigated
Remove the problem of having to continually
monitor and manage the patch process, with
a phased, automated deployment schedule
fc Managed Release Cadence
We continuously monitor patch sources,
including known ISVs, automatically adding new releases as they become available
AS Powered By Ivanti
Identify and patch vulnerabilities across
servers, endpoints, operating systems, and
over 100 application vendors


CP Check Point
As a Four Star Elite partner, we provide a
separately priced support contract for a range of Check Point security products.


US Maintain Patch Goals
We provide regular compliance health
checks, allowing you to satisfy internal audits & gain insights on threat footprints


PSC Automated Inventory
Our automated discovery routine interrogates the whole of your environment to establish the asset and application scope



Frequently Asked Questions

It is an enterprise-class patch management solution for endpoints and servers, which helps form part of an organisations' multi-layered security strategy. In addition to Microsoft patching, it is able to provide support for over 100 different third-party vendors.

We use Ivanti Xtraction to provide business intelligence for our patch and compliance service. The main difference is the frequency and granularity of reports that are available to you as part of this service.

While many aspects of this service are automated, there are some activities which require manual intervention, including initial setup and some ad hoc tasks. In order to provide a consistent service, we have put a minimum limit on the number of devices being managed.

The installer package is copied to the endpoint, in advance of the installation. The main benefit of this technique is to reduce the overall load on the network during peak times, by spreading out or staggering the delivery.

Where the package fails to install correctly or leads to conflicts or stability issues post-deployment, we will look to roll back to the previous version. It should be noted that this is dependant on the severity of the issue and if the patch or application permits roll-back. In all cases, you should ensure that backups or snapshots are taken.

The term “Zero-Day” refers to a newly discovered software vulnerability, which until mitigated, can be exploited to adversely affect programmes, data, computers and networks. Our Ultimate service promises to patch this vulnerability as soon as the remedy is released by the vendor, as opposed to waiting until the next scheduled patching cycle.



Why Ultima for managed services?

“ Our approach to delivery has always been to understand your culture and business requirement, in order to identify synergies between our organisations, allowing our teams to help take control of the day-to-day management of the outsourced operation, in accordance with established SLAs. ”


Year-round support 24x7

While some MSPs only operate during core business hours,
our Technical Service Centre is a true 24x7 facility, with teams
working in shifts to provide support throughout the day, and
across weekends and public holidays.


Predictable Commercial Model

This provides you with the ability to accurately budget and
forecast your OpEx, with regular service reviews to ensure
that you are only paying for the services that you


ITIL Framework

By integrating ITIL into our managed service offerings, our certified teams are able to apply a set of mature processes across service strategy, design, transition, operations, and continual service improvement.


A Best Fit Approach

Rather than take a staff augmentation approach or rely on
labour arbitrage to reduce costs, we provide a skilled set of
shared resources in-region, working against a fixed scope and
agreement term.


Scaling Through Automation

Using a combination of ServiceNow and Thoughtonomy, we
use virtual agents, machine learning, orchestration and robotic
process automation to expedite resolution and improve the end
user experience.


Strength In Depth

Our agile services are backed by over 180 technical staff across
our TSC and consulting practices; namely Modern Workspace,
Modern Data Centre, Network and Security and Intelligent


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