Leverage RPA through RDS or Citrix connections with IA-Connect

Date: Tuesday 15th October
Time: 10:30 - 11:00

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a true game-changer, emulating the actions of the end user to automate processes which would otherwise require application redevelopment and re-architecture. However, automating processes through remote desktop technologies such as Citrix and Microsoft RDS is likely to involve leveraging what we term Surface Automation which introduces a set of challenges.

As one of only a handful of Citrix Platinum Partners worldwide, Ultima has developed a deep understanding of Citrix & Microsoft RDS, and as such has launched IA-Connect. IA-Connect has been developed to provide customers with the ability to automate processes in practically the same manner as any other RPA development, by tunnelling through existing Citrix or RDS connections.

The webinar will cover: 

  • Common Automation Challenges
    • Infosec and RPA in the cloud
    • Citrix / RDS Automation
  • IA-Connect
    • What is IA-Connect?
    • How does it help to address the challenges?
  • Demo
  • Q&A

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