IA-Connect Free Trial

Next Steps

Thank you for your interest in our 30-day free trial of IA-Connect. We just need to run through a few steps to get you up and running.

You’ll need a trial license key to start using IA-Connect.  You can request that in the 'Your Details' section below.

An email will be sent to your address within 24 hours of requesting a trial license key so keep an eye out in your Inbox and Junk Mail.

While you wait for your license key, you can start setting up IA-Connect. You’ll need to download the IA-Connect installation files when prompted.

The download contains everything you need to get up and running. Once downloaded, you’ll need to extract the contents of the zip file where you’ll find an Installation & Configuration Guide and a User Guide within the Documentation folder. 

Follow the instructions in the Installation & Configuration guide to install IA-Connect in your environment. 

You’ll now need to wait for the licence key to be able to use IA-Connect – it won’t be long and will be worth the wait.  Once you’ve received your license key, follow the instructions in the Installation & Configuration Guide to apply it.

Within the IA-Connect installation files you’ll notice a Training Exercise folder - within this folder is a Training Guide and a couple of files. 

We recommend you start by following this guide where we’ll walk you through the automation of a sample Door Entry application.  This will give you a good feel for IA-Connect before using the IA-Connect User Guide to test drive it on one of your own processes.

Your Details

In order for us to generate your trial license key, please fill out the following information.

Note: Each IA-Connect license is linked to a Digital Worker and therefore we need the hostname of the Digital Worker you intend to use for the trial to enable us to issue the license.
IA-Connect will only work for the specified Digital Worker.


Getting in Touch

If you need any assistance with your IA-Connect 30 day free trial, please contact us via the email address below:


Someone will be in touch to discuss your free trial over the coming days.

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