Enabling Transformation through Autonomous Data Centres

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As businesses around the world embrace the opportunities offered by modern technologies, the amount of data and applications they have to handle increases simultaneously. In many cases however, data centres remain frustratingly old fashioned and organisations face a variety of day-to-day challenges, including security, maintenance and capacity. This leaves little time for innovation and can severely hamper business growth.

The answer? An Autonomous Data Centre (ADC).


It’s time to take control

90% of the world’s data was created in the past two years, while 82% of IT budgets are currently spent on support and maintenance. This means that running data centres manually is both costly and time intensive. Our ADC solution uses innovations like robotic process automation (RPA) and AI to complete routine tasks, predict and prevent problems, and increase security.

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The journey to an Autonomous Data Centre

The journey towards implementing an ADC is not a simple one though. That’s why we help organisations understand where they are, and how far and fast they should go when moving to an ADC. Using a five point maturity model, we pinpoint where your business is today, and then where you need to be. We then work with a variety of vendors to create, configure and deploy an autonomous and automated IT solution for you.

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A modern solution for a modern world

With over 80% of organisations globally either using or adopting modern DevOps methodologies, it’s critical that the platforms in place can support these ways of working whilst still keeping efficiency and utilisation high. That’s where an ADC can help.

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The difference Autonomous Data Centres can make 

ADCs are designed to reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure by leveraging automation, AI and machine learning.


Working 24/7, ADCs reduce the
time taken to complete projects
and deliver routine tasks.


Logical and systematic
automation of tasks ensures
100% accuracy.


Simple and scalable environments enable rapid change or expansion, reducing time to value.


Self-diagnosing and self-healing, ADCs help minimise time spent on management or wasted downtime.


Enhanced visibility, automated protection & smart reporting reduce the chance of security risks.


Frees up time for innovation
and initiatives that drive business growth or transformation.


Good for business, even better for employees

By employing Autonomous Data Centre technology, and utilising a unique approach to data centre management and optimisation, your employees will be free to focus on more rewarding projects - making for a happier, more productive workforce.



Why Ultima?

When searching for someone to help you build a next generation IT platform, you need a partner who not only understands legacy platforms, but has the capability to build modern, dynamic, hybrid cloud environments. As award-winning experts in RPA and ADC, Ultima are the perfect choice.

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