Embrace the possibilities of an Autonomous Cloud

Date: Wednesday 9th October
Time: 15:30 - 16:00

The cloud is a very complex, ever-evolving suite of products, with many customers struggling to realise the benefits. Many organisations also lack the skills or capacity to execute their cloud strategy, causing a loss of productivity and revenue. 

Our new Autonomous Cloud platform simplifies cloud ownership and operations, enabling organisations to benefit from the true potential of the cloud. Through the use of automation and orchestration tools, our Autonomous Cloud dramatically reduces the need for human intervention and provides built-in access to Azure architecture and consultancy support.

The webinar will cover: 

- Cloud shared responsibility model- what is expected of you in a cloud world

- How automation can assist in BAU activities

- Can your cloud do this? Unique features of an autonomous cloud

- Controlling cloud costs using machine learning

- How Ultima can help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve business agility

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