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With the current circumstances pushing organisations towards a remote working model, we're aware that this might put strain on your IT department. Your workforce needs secure and immediate access to applications and services. Meanwhile, you need to ensure your infrastructure can cope with the increased workload and that your systems are capable of adapting and optimising for maximum efficiency.

Read our Business Continuity Guide below to view our range of solutions, all of which can be implemented extremely quickly, so that you can focus on other priorities. The solutions include remote working services such as collaboration tools and remote device management, alongside our autonomous propositions which enable you to scale and adapt your cloud environment, responding to demand.


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Raconteur: Cloud for Business Report

Accelerating The Journey To Autonomous Everything.
The need to operate and support vast remote working in a pandemic environment is causing companies
to ramp up their plans to embrace intelligent transformation

Download our article, featured by The Raconteur in their Cloud For Business Report here.

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Our Autonomous Business Continuity services

We recognise the current challenges being faced by IT departments across the globe. Secure and agile working is now a must. Ultima Labs has been developing ways to inoculate your business-critical environments with automation services immediately. Our Autonomous Business Continuity (ABC) services include:

Disaster Recovery

ABC Disaster Recovery 

Data centre in a box within Azure in 3 hours using Autonomous DR

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Remote working

ABC Remote Working

Citrix Cloud for all staff in approximately 3 days

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Autonomous Cloud

ABC Autonomous Cloud

No-cost VM Migration to Azure Cloud in 3 weeks

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save time and resources through automation

To effectively operate workloads in the cloud, many repetitive and manual processes are involved such as sizing, load balancing, deploying, patching, and monitoring and management. Whilst necessary, these are often fraught with human errors leading to delays with the workload’s availability and even security vulnerabilities. By automating the maintenance, security and support requirements through Ultima’s Autonomous Cloud, the benefits of the cloud can be delivered without the operational pain points many companies have been experiencing. 

Isilon 1

Ultimate Support

A fully managed service giving you proactive services and supportive features

Isilon 12

Highly Efficient

Get a real time view of your licensing consumption to make actionable insights

Isilon 13

Autonomous Experts

As well as Microsoft Licensing we embed our autonomous services to help improve efficiency 


Kickstart your tomorrow 

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Why Ultima

We have a simple but effective mission:

To make smart infrastructure and software more accessible, to more businesses

We see five ways in which we can deliver on our mission:

Our focus on Automation. We are experts at defining and implementing intelligent automation services. As a result, we don’t just help businesses ‘make up ground’, we help them jump ahead of change and deliver genuine competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Our mindset and experience. We’re a 30-year-old start-up. Ultima is an established business with many years’ experience, but we’ve also stayed on the cutting edge of both technology and working practices. That means we offer an agility, cost-effectiveness and speed of service you won’t find elsewhere.

Our in-house model. Unlike the competition, we don’t use consultants or out-sourced functions. In fact, out in-house experience allows us to deliver both the core infrastructure and the cloud-based automation. This not only makes the process simpler, it means we can deliver critical time and cost savings.

Our incredible technology partnerships. From Microsoft, to Citrix our technology partners are the very best. We won Worldwide Partner of 2019, EMEA Workspace of the Year 2020 with Citrix, and are one of most certified Citrix Platinum Partners in the UK - 17 specialisation, 161 unique certifications. Ultima are a Microsoft 12 X Gold partner and 1 X silver partner ranging from Cloud Platform to Collaboration and Content, so it's safe to say we know a thing or two about the latest tech.

We also aren’t beholden to a few suppliers. We can source products from over 200 technology vendors, so whatever your needs, or legacy systems, we have the right solution.

Our people. Underpinning everything are our people. The people obsessed with doing the right thing for your business. Our most precious commodity.

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